coffee break

It's definitely time for a coffee break.  I wanted to share some things that are on my mind.

She did it!  Heather Armstrong's new book hit the stands this and she dragged me in. Actually, her hubby did. He twittered something about it being on the top list of non-fiction so I raced to Barnes and Noble after my pedicure Tuesday and went and picked it up. I just started it, but the writing is witty and profound and she's not afraid to bare her soul. I love people who do that.

I stared reading dooce's blog back when I first started blogging. I always wanted to be a write. Not a Jane Austen, be still my heart and whisper my fleeting soul on a sun rise breeze, kind of writer. And not a SCARY I can't finish that paragraph, check make sure the door is locked kind of writer, either. But a witty writer. A funny writer. A writer that bent the language, said much of nothing, yet had you constantly searching out any little snippets they might create. Heather's that kind of writer.


Kalyn made Varsity!!! Woo Hoo! Or did she? She was officially on JV and we were excited, but then JV broke up because there simply weren't enough players so she is on Varsity. Sort of? I mean, she's played in a game, she's batted, she's slap-hit, she's gone 4+ days a week. Probably sees her coach more than her family. She's missed enough softball related absences that her mother was perpetually (how's that for using Catholic words?) worried she wouldn't make it past her Freshman year, despite her high GPA.

I'm thrilled she’s on the team, however, I’ve been waiting for the announcement, the letter in the mail that tells me how to get our Varsity Flag. You know, the flag that’s in your window or your yard to tell you that a Cooper Pirate lives there. I want the flag. We have no flag. So maybe we aren’t on varisty?

House Building Blues

I seriously thought we would be in by now. I knew Feb. 20th was not a chance. And then when the door arrived much delayed, I was thinking, OK. March 1st or so. AND now that Spring Break is passed, I'm thinking Easter? Who knows. But we do have floors and amazing back splash. Just a few weeks longer, right?

My Weight

It’s too high. I’m too large to move like I want. In my head, my body is tanned and hard and I have long blonde hair and high heels and I’m dancing around a pole. Wait, that’s in Devin’s head. But you get the idea. We always think we look better than we really do. I was editing Molly and Steven’s photos and Emily, the photographer that shot with me, took many photos of me and I look so LARGE in the middle I swear I was wearing a bullet proof inner tuber under my black shirt. I must get in shape.

New iPhone

I’ve had a first generation iPhone since they came out in June 07. During Spring Break it swam in a cup of coffee and the screen quit working. So, I now have the 3G iPhone and I just heard through the apple rumor mill that a new one is coming out this June that will allow you to text photos and a slew of other things that is too cool to comprehend.  

This is kind of a pisser.  I mean, I'm pleased Apple is doing cool things and making such wicked cool things that I MUST BUY instantly, but I just bought the 3G, so now what?  

I'm heading out of town this weekend for an AWESOME wedding of Anna + Nick.  I know it will be great because her sister's was AWESOME last June and I always have fun in Austin.  :)  

Until the next coffee break.  :)