there's nothing a little coffee can't fix

call it "coffee day" but when you see this picture on  my blog, it's random thoughts from me.  Things that have been on my mind.  Burning my brain.  

  • 25 Things on Facebook  is great to read on others profiles, and I've been tagged a bunch, but I'm stumped when it comes to myself.  Just stumped.  I have nothing remotely random and interesting as others have shared.  How can I compete with "I lived in Europe for years" or worked as a missionary.  I've done nothing on the grand scale of life, in my eyes at least.  Just existing and dealing with my life is my "25 Things".  Someday, on a long plane ride or a stay over in some town in a hotel room, I'll finish my 25.   (I think I'm on 4).  By that time, a new "tag your it" will be popular and I'll feel the pressure all over again.  sigh
  • Science Projects are lame.  So is FFA.  Both involve way too much parental time to pull off well.  So this year, I was hands off with Summer and let her do it totally on her own.  And she did.  The theme, the presentation, the actual work was her work.  But I know other kids will go and it won't be.  Same with the kids that show the pigs, cows, goats, whatever.  The parents are the ones I see cleaning, feeding, running and to and fro.  Lame.  (please note I realize there are exceptions to my random thoughts.  I get that there are some of you who have kids that really clean their pigs.)  Late last night, after Summer went to bed and we had glued down all the sections on her project board, I found typos and mistakes.  Do I tell her?  Or let her grade suffer?  I told her.  I helped her fix them.  I couldn't let her hang for a job well done.  I mean come on!  Journalists have editors for stuff like that.  I was Summer's editor.
  • Grey's was awful last night.  That is NOT the Derek I know and love.  I realize all good men must fall and fail and make mistakes.  This is what makes them GOOD.  But he would not have worked himself all up for that lady.  He just wouldn't have.  And I love how great folks look after brain surgery!  My gosh!  She had how many surgeris in how many days?  Just the drugs alone after one 6 hour surgery for me took days to get out of my system long enough to hold a good conversation.  And they didn't even enter my brain.  Give me some of that Grey's Brain Surgery!   LOL  I want some!  And correct me if I'm wrong, but Derek has lost patients before, right?  But this time it was his fault because he nicked her artery?  Right?  
  • Building a house requires so much brain power to do it in a way you are happy.  I'm exhausted after each major decision.  Hours and hours spent in places trying to find things I love and won't get tired of.  The pressure of getting it right!   I'm so anxious to BE DONE.  I'm sure my friends and clients are as well.  Just be done and get on with life and living.  I feel like I'm in a stand still.  The Lord's Prayer helps a lot.  When I feel the anxiety build up and the chest tighten over a drawer pull or paint color or this week's crisis, a bath tub, I just breathe and focus my thoughts on HIM.  It's all pointless.  I'm sure a tornado will come and hit the house and it won't matter anyway.
  • 5th year Anniversary of my wreck.  I always wax nostalgic.  The Sweetheart Sizzler will always be a bittersweet reminder.  We went, by the way last week and it was a GREAT success!  245 plates served and they didn't run out of food.  We went late, thanks to a softball game in Odessa, but it was so much fun seeing some of you.  I need to force my self to get out more.  I always enjoy it.  (I can just hear Jennifer saying, "oh, hell yeah."  I try to think about how thankful I was that night of my wreck.  That week.  That month.  That year.  I slow down and think about how I felt ALIVE and full of hope and promise.  How we feel renewed on Sunday's after mass and receiving His body.  That great feeling your entire body feels after an AWESOME workout or that giddiness you get from laughing hard with your friends.  So much of that spirit is of HIM and his creation of breath and life.  That's how I want to mark that "line in the road of my life", my "oh, my god story.  Just think of Him.
  • God is working in a BIG way at Cooper!  Or should I say Turning Point is?  Last night they had an EVENT that Kalyn went to.  A "Live it Up" fellowship.  She wasn't responding to our texts when we were trying to pick her up, (mom and dad outside in car, waiting....with groceries.  So I went inside, upset at first, to go and find her.  Drag her out.  The 2nd I opened the door to the Commons area of the HS, you could feel it.  You could actually FEEL the Spirit there!  It was just AMAZING!  My tone inside my body immediately changed and even though the moments in the car were not the greatest on the ride home, I know some kids lives were changed last night.  And it's so inspiring as a mom and parent of a child there, of children growing and learning in this community, to know that she's in a good place.  A place where kids are seeking Him.  Keeping their thoughts and hearts turned to Him!  I'm excited for Cooper and the community.  Kalyn was PUMPED and FIRED UP.  I LOVE THAT!  And I Love my God for answering my prayer about finding Godly Friends.  He's making tons of them.  :)
That's all for now.  I'll have more photos to share after this weekend.  I have basketball tonight, woo hoo!  Go Lady Pirates and then a session with a family I've been trying to photograph for years.  YEARS.  So stay tuned.