molly + steven (the rehearsal)

Last night was so much fun!  I was so glad to be "back in the game" and enjoying my craft.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE girl's basketball, but I absolutely adore weddings and everything that goes along with them.

After having lunch with friends, (see previous post), I got a quick hug from Brooks

and then checked into my way cool hotel, the aloft, and then, drove to the church.  It was a bit chilly and they sky was grey, but the mood inside?  Just wonderful.  

After spending the evening with Molly and Steven's family and friends, you get a feeling this couple is well loved, well celebrated and just plain good folk.  :)

Stay tuned for more on Monday!  I'm flying out early tomorrow and have plans most of Sunday, so the wedding sneak peek will be a day delayed.