Dr. Sloan Broke a "bone"

I've watched all year.  All year I've watched, hoping for a glimpse of my show.  The show I love.  LOVED.  All year long, I've waited and watched for Grey's to become what it was in season 1 or season 2, or hell, even the horrible season when the STOPPED for weeks due to the writers strike.   And tonight, it came back.


I just finished Grey's tonight when I got home from Summer's BB game and IT's BACK!  I have that GREY's feeling and I LOVE it!  Christina and Mere are friend's again and the Heaven and Hell theme was perfect.  

It's still over the top with the Denny "I'm here for you CRAP", but now that Christina and Meredith are back together, thanks to my Mc Dreamy, I have faith that my show will be good once again.

Key CRY moments for me:

  • Dr. Bailey losing it when Chief touched her right after the transplant.   AWESOME acting!
  • Meredith not understanding herself.
  • Denny and Izzie's kiss!  WOAH!  
Now on to private practice.  :)