Robin + Jeremy

You know you're a dog lover when the dog gets more "camera time" than the bride.  LOL  I'm so teasing, but this precious girl, Pugslie, just stole my heart!  She belongs to Robin and Robin, after Saturday night, belongs to Jeremy.  

They had a wonderful wedding!  Both mom's came up to me at the rehearsal and had one special request.  Robin's mom wanted a good shot of her daughters and Jeremy's Mom wanted a shot of his face as Robin made her entrance.  


Enjoy the sneak peek!  I don't have their gallery posted yet because the new one is not quite ready.  Hopefully soon!  

Thanks Robin and Jeremy for a wonderful Saturday night!

Robin hosted the bridal brunch at her house and you know immediately that she's a HUGE TT fan!  It's so cool how she found all these vintage Texas Tech yearbooks that she displays in her living rooms.  

Yep, the dog.  

Lots of good laughs with this bunch.

Robin used Adair for her makeup and it was wonderful!  You can find her spa at Indiana and Quaker across from Big Lots.  

Hair was done by Terra Bella's.  One of the BEST places in town to get "up-do's".  

A little trouble with the contacts and eye makeup.

Beautiful flowers by none other than College Flowers of Lubbock.  THEY ROCK!

Great moment between Robin and her mom.  They had been together most of the day, sharing in all the activities, but it's just something when the bride finally pulls it all together.    It was a bit much to take in for her mom.  I love this shot!

Guys, guys, guys.  Oh, the stories I could share.   Especially the words they were sharing with me as I was lying on the ground in front of them trying to make awesome photographs for them.  Gentlemen, yes, but funny gentlemen all the same.  
Jeremy and Robin needed to see each other before the ceremony.  First Baptist Church is AWESOME because you can always find a pretty spot for such a thing.  This is the courtyard between the chapel and the sanctuary.  Just lovely light and the color of the brick acts as a perfect reflector.  

In the left hand corner is Travis.  I'm sorry, but I can't remember the name of his company but he was a great videographer to work with.  Travis, if you are reading this, leave a comment below with your contact info.  

First look.  :)

Some first cuddling and kissing.  THE BEST STUFF!

Robin is a completely down to earth human being that has a high maintenance feel to her. Only way I can think to describe it.

Adorable flower girl!  I realize I say that about all the girl's in the weddings I attend, but I swear there's a competition among them I they just keep raising the bar.

Funny stuff happens when you have to wait in a room.

Here comes the bride.

The chapel was decorated perfectly.

I wanted to comment on more stuff, but I'm out of time!  Oh, such a great wedding!