I hate to even post these pictures now.  I mean, it's been over a week since they were shot, but Bball season has started at Cooper and I'm knee deep in the spirit!  It's been GREAT watching Summer's 7th Grade team form and step up and play great against Brownfield, only to show up Thursday night in Frenship and watch the game just fall apart.  

Our girls are good.  Very good.  My child too.  So, if you get the chance to make a game, DO!  

Here's some pics from Brownfield's Game and as always, more on the Cooper Gallery,

Sydni brining her game down the court.

and still bringing it!

Miss Summer Zoe with Taylor Connley in the background.  They all played AWESOME defense and shut this team down!

Pretty rough little team, both physically and verbally.  Yeah.  They let a few words fly.

Jordan was awesome under the boards!  She definitely made her presence known!

Way to go Lady Pirates!  I'm sorry about the loss Thursday against Frenship, but you'll get your chance for redemption the last game of the year when you play them at home.    Keep your heads up and bring it on Monday against Seminole!!

Mom is so PROUD!