the irlbeck family

How cute is Ben?  Oh, my gosh!  He is exactly the same, yet oh so grown since I got to play with him last year.  Just adorable and I could smell his baby goodness on me all day.  LOVE that!  Sort of like puppy breath you know?  Kinda weird, yet you associate it with cuteness?  Yep.  That's baby goodness at the toddler age.  They smell like what they touch and see, yet are still fresh with the world and good.  

I photographed this family last year and we had a bitter cold day.  So this year I was so happy when we woke up Saturday (game day for TT) and the world was bright and shiny.  Perfect day for photos. 


Miss Annie Grace will steal your heart so quick you can't stand it!  Nor can you run backwards fast enough to elude her giggling grasp.  She's such an adorable little girl, I could make millions if I could bottle her up and sell her to the world.  

Brian was a trooper with the I will make a fool of myself for my kids.  Public park screaming in his best laugh to keep the kids happy.  Anything for the shot, right?


My favorite of the day!  

And this is the look I usually get from many dads.  LOL  

"Just what are you doing lady?"

Total cuteness.  :)