lauren + justin

Okay.  Poor Lauren and Justin were having to deal with tiny images and my blogger guilt was getting to me, so the next time I had decent internet, which was TODAY at my video store, because @ home with, it's HORRIBLE.  

So, even though they are in random order, here's Lauren and Justin!  They are long distance daters.  Who can relate to that?  I know I can!  Devin and I spent many summer's apart as he came home every summer to work on the farm and I was at school trying to get out as fast as I could.  Well, with these two, it's weekends here and there, but between work and school, it can leave you exhausted and spent and just so ready to be in the same city!!!!

That's why it was so cool that they found the time to let me photograph the two.  And I tried to take them to wonderful, comfortable locations where the two could just enjoy some time together before Lauren flew back to school in SA.  

Thanks you guys!  I swear my tummy hurt the next day from laughing so hard.  You two are totally down to earth and totally into each other!  I LOVE that!  Just check out the way Justin is staring at Lauren every chance he gets!  YUM!