Summer Zoe had her first pep rally last Thursday! Holy Moly this place was LOUD! I've never been to one at Cooper in the 3+ years my kids have gone there. They are exciting and fun and I think I may even go back! Of course all the shots are posted on the Cooper Gallery by clicking the link below this post. Go and see if you can SPOT A PIRATE.

She was so fired up! And utterly adorable. :)

Miss Payton getting some Pirate Love.

The Bolton Girls, Miss Tammy and her daughter Megan. We are so many times on the other side of our cameras that we don't have pictures with our daughters. I know Tammy wishes she had eons more of her and Justin (he passed away almost a year ago, her son) so it's my goal to get as many moms and kids as possible. If you see me at an event, tap me on the shoulder and ask for the Justin Shot. :) I'll gladly take you picture. :)

Okay, I've been thinking about this alot, and yes, I cheered in HS, but not like this girl cheers. My theory is:

she was born to do this
she watched Bring it On one too many times

You decide.

I LOVE it when teachers invest in their kids. And this one definitely does!

The boys are getting all pumped up for their game!!!

Go Pirates!

Miss Kaiti and her G-ma.

Miss Kaiti and her Momma (taxi driver) Dawn.

Me and Miss Summer Zoe! (my mini me)

Check out the McGehee on campus! Hey, Price!!!! Good to see you and I can't wait to be photographing you playing your games here at Cooper Middle School.

Miss Sydney Craig, new face on campus too! WOO HOO!

Summer and Miss Hanna and another friend I know I should know but can't remember her name right now. FORGIVE ME!
Summer and Miss Sydni.
Enda and her CHEERLEADER Miss Taylor!

Sydney Holmes and her mom. :)


Our fearless leader, Miss Brown. YOU ROCK!!!!

And the torch passers!!! Don't they look GREAT?

Kelly Ehler and Bunny Bednarz were the sponsors last year and many years before that. I just had to get these gals a "buddy shot" for all their hard work!!! Thank YOU!!!! Love you two!!!!!

(Hey Bunny, "HEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOO" my fingers are pointing.)

Oh, and FYI to all the DC Bunch, Miss Salinas is calling another Team Meeting like we had that last night in DC. wink wink)