kristen + david

What a weekend!

Kristen and David were married Saturday, August 30th, in Ft. Worth. What a celebration!  I'm spent right now and would love to write more but we just finished Kalyn's B-day celebration and I'm exhausted. I have a 15 year old!  I'm so old.

Click below for the rest of the sneak peek! Thank you Miss Paula so much for your warm hospitality and most of all, for you talent at throwing one hummer of a shing ding! I had so much fun!


Mom, (Paula) gave an amazing little speech to all of Kristen's bridesmaids, that thanked them all and brought up little "tidbits" of their connection to Kristen and their lives. It was emotional and just heartfelt and most of all, wonderful. :)   This was at the bridesmaid luncheon.  

The green feather boas were everywhere to decorate the occasion.

Kristen during Mom's speech.

Cake pulls.  The girl's pull a charm and there is a meaning/wish behind each charm. Very fitting and fun. :)

Precious little girl who my lens just had to hug.

Marianne, sister of the bride enjoying a quick "dunk in the champange" (the charm)
to clean off the frosting.

Central Christain has amazing glass inside. A simply gorgeous church!  And the sound from those pipes goes straight to your bones.  Talk about a "presentation" of the bride.  Oh, my!

Interesting shot of the girl who did EVERYONE's hair.

The girl's got ready at Kristen's vacated downtown loft. Ultra cool and had wonderful light for photographs.

Very cool red details all around the apartment. Love the skyline of Fort Worth in the background of the shot below.

Bridal hair can HURT! LOL

So much laughter this day! This is the groom's mom and sister and these two were enjoying each other quite a bit. :)

LOVE the intensity of her eyes in this shot below.

Classic look to the groom's attire.  

The handsome man himself. 

The stunning bride.

Loved the flowers!

Okay, Grayson was cracking me up! He would make this look everytime I would try and take a shot. :)

Almost time!!!!

She's definitely ready.

Shot below was taken by Jodel of Jodel Phillips Photography.  She was wonderful to have on board this weekend.

Okay, blogging fans.  You know how I feel about first anythings.  First kisses, first dances, first looks.  This was a great first kiss!  I love the way he is touching her face and she's grabbing at his tux for fear of getting dizzy, I'm sure.  ;)  Great first kiss, you two.   
Congrats from his new Mom!

We walked across the street to this great wall of ivy and it even had a bench for them to settle into. They were so happy!

classic shot of the ride to the reception.  :)

These orchids were EVERYWHERE!  Perfect detail at the church and the reception.  LOVED this look!

We had a great team working the wedding as far as videographers are concerned.  I believe they are a husband and wife team.  I remember the guy's name, Corbin, but can't the girl's.  I'm so sorry.  But they were awesome!  I love sucking their light during the dance sequences.  Makes the photograph interesting and less obtrusive than me firing off the flash.  Just a great moment, again, of a first.  :)

Okay, HELLO.  Does a presentation of cake get any better than this?  Okay, if I had to nit pick, maybe it should be centered on the window, but hey, either way, this place ROCKED.

Nothing better than lit candles filling the room.  Okay, maybe rose petals and bubble bath, but hey, this is a reception.  :)

Okay, this is Ginger and Bret an they were married last summer at her childhood home.  Ginger is Kristen's cousin.  It was great seeing family again.  :)

Sweet cake kisses.  

The band played and played and then when they tried to leave, they played some more!  Every set the floor was packed.  Just a great celebration!

Okay, I'll have to see if I can drum up a shot later, but these guys have what is known as the "cell phone" dance. Um, yeah.  You get the idea.  Talk on the phone, gesture outrageously and dance to the beat.  Some are good.  Others are better.

Their best celebrity moment.  These gals were the "hair girls'.  I had so much fun with them!

A girl's moment on the dance floor.  Kristen, her Mom and Marianne.  :)

See?  PACKED I tell you!

Couldn't pass up the view!

And away they go!

Thanks so much you two!  Kristen, I had so much fun with you and your girl's in the city.  Just a great celebration and you  made me feel so welcome.  :)  You guys have a most excellent time!