After a hard day of work, the LAST thing I want to do is socialize and go out.  I mean, I do that for a living while taking photos.  HOWEVER, when a friend calls and is having a party right down the road, I can't refuse.  :) 

This is Bux and he was one of the FIRST Texans I partied with when I moved to Slaton.  Shoot, before I moved to Slaton.  I was just visiting.  LOL  He turned 40 last week and his wife through him a surprise party complete with Metal Rock band.  After photographing all day, I didn't plan on taking photos.  But the weird thing about me is I always end up pulling out the camera and taking, just a few more.

So much fun just hanging with friends.   Happy Birthday, Bux!

This is Mickie and Randee, who I had not seen outside of church, oh, in 100 years.  We had the BEST time laughing at mental disease and crazy women in bathrooms.  And before you roast me over the fire, I have both in my family, so I know what I'm laughing about.  Sometimes you have to release to deal and believe you me, we were so dealing.  LOL

Mosquitos were in full force and poor Bux had no idea when he was being bitten.  He was slapped a few times in the face to keep the mosquitos at bay.  What fun!