emily + jordan (the rehearsal)

First Baptist Church is beautiful. Stunning perhaps for all the stained glass. New churches being built now, don't reflect the beauty of art or craftsman ship. Sure, they are built nice, but there's hardly any character. I love old churches. :)

I normally go to all rehearsals. If the wedding is local, I don't stay for the rehearsal dinner unless the couple hires me to do so. Emily and Jordan did because their wedding was going to be short and quick on Saturday and more time would be spent with family the night before. They were pretty smart to do so. We had so much fun photographing family groupings and they didn't have to worry being the "family photographer". They brought me. :)

The photograph below is of two of the grandmother's meeting for the first time. They each, I'm sure had heard their grandchild talk about the other one's grandchild and maybe even heard stories about each other "through the vine".

Fun times.

The happy couple rehearsing their BIG day. Sure hope they have those grins on tomorrow. How cute are they?

This is Barrett in his "hammock" enjoying the time with family. :)

I LOVE this one!

Emily's sister, Sarah getting in on some LOVE action!

We had a few toasts to the Happy Couple! This is Jordan's step-dad and he had a few things to share about Jordan. Very funny things. :)

Other's spoke too, as well. Lots of good memories with this bunch. :)

After dinner, the girl's threw a surprise party for the "bride-to-be". Tons of fun!

Stay tuned for the sneak peek from the wedding! I'm working on it now.