traci + john (the engagement)

Jamaica was beautiful. It always is. Rain or shine, it's a paradise. A hot, humid paradise, but a paradise all the same.

My good friend Jodel went with me and we had so much fun catching up and playing lazy for a day or so before the wedding. I read two books while I was traveling and there and really enjoyed the beach. ALOT.

The wedding was quite lovely, but the day before we met Traci and John before dinner that night and just spent a quick 20 minutes grabbing some PDA's in Jamaica mon! LOL

So much fun.

I love this shot below! Traci has beautiful natural wavy hair that was loving the humidity and this is John helping her straighten her hair for the photo. LOL We also had our "all inclusive" bracelets on, that the resort gave us that we were constantly trying to shoot around. Didn't matter. These two were just so easy with the PDA's you don't notice them.

I'll get the wedding sneak peek to you soon.