I'm sorry, I'm booked

I hate saying those words. Especially if we are into a conversation, me and the bride, and we are "clicking". We talk about the date and suddenly I realize I'm booked. UGH! I hate that! I want to do all the weddings of the world! But since that is so not possible, I have friends that I recommend locally,

Toni Daniel

Lauren Clark
Shan Renee

as well as "communities" of photographers that I belong to.

International Society of Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photographer's Directory
Wed Comp

All are good starts to finding a photographer that is a match for you. Your day is very important. YES. You want beautiful photographs, but NO, you don't want to hang all day with a person that gets on your nerves. So spend some time talking to them, discussing things with them, really getting to know them as much as possible before deciding, yep, you'll do.

On a side note, the photograph above is on the ISWP banner for Texas. It's Heather from a wedding I photographed last summer and she's such a beautiful spirit. She's now a mom and I think it's so fitting that a happy image of her is what was chosen to represent Texas for this quarter. Heather lost her mom recently and I'm sure it's been difficult to smile some days lately.

Heather, if you are still a blog reader, I want you to know I've been thinking about you.