Happy 4th July

When I was in CA in May, I took an extra day or two to visit my Granny Helton.  I don't get to see her but maybe once a year or so if I'm close, it's important.  When my parents divorced, my mom took us to Oklahoma to live with them until she could get back on her feet.  I LOVED their little home in Tamaha and just enjoying the life with them.  It was simple.  

Granny is legally blind and can see shadows and some colors, but not your face.  Which is great!  You don't have to wear makeup!  LOL  But her other senses are "heightened" and she knew my voice the 2nd I arrived.  That was great.  :)

We did nothing much except hang out at her place.  We visited Papaw (her hubby's) grave and then my mom and I went on a little photo excursion.  That was fun.  

I'm in Austin this weekend and had some time to kill at the airport waiting, so I was glad to have these images on my laptop.  :)  My family is back home enjoying the Slaton park.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!  See you Sunday!


She lives in an assisted living place, and her daughter lives right there too, so there's comfort in knowing Aunt Marion is nearby.  I stayed on her couch and just had to take a picture of this.  It is a Valentine, my daughter Kalyn made for her when she was in 4th grade.  (I think.)  She could see better then and it touched her heart so she had it framed and keeps it in her bedroom.  

I think I look like my mom.  This is a horrible shot.  My 24 1.4 would visit canon after this trip.  It started overexposing by 2 stops but only outdoors.   Go figure?