cooper cheer

How cool is this? WOW! I LOVED last night. Cooper Cheerleaders needed some promotional photographs taken to use for all their calendars, locker tags, lunch room danglers, etc. And when their ultra cool, drill-talking sponsor Kecia, called to ask me if I would help, I immediately said YES! Many of these girls I've watched grow up and become amazingly beautiful girls! You will recognize a few here, as their faces have graced my blog before. I really wanted to portray them as what I feel cheerleaders really are. (I can just hear my friend Toni hysterically laughing in the background as I type this.)


I definitely did NOT want cheesy. And despite the helmets, we really did not use props. I wanted the girls to shine. And I totally think they did. :)

These next few shots are what we kept calling FIERCE. LOL Very hard to do when all your friends/peers and even a few parents are watching. And I'm sure my obsessive nature of shooting did not help with the giggles at all. But hey! Check these girls out! They so nailed it!


CLICK HERE for your sneak peek.

And a special shout of thanks to Miss Sagon! (I sure hope I'm spelling it close.) She was a big help with stickers and being my lighting dummy for my first few shots. OH, and an official member of THE LITTLES. :) Thanks!