life in the fastlane

When you work weekends and have children, you do NOT get a day off like you used to get in college.  Remember those days?  You were tired on Sunday so you laid on the couch in your underwear or robe and basically did all the beauty things you didn't have time to during the week.  You deep conditioned your hair, or you gave yourself a pedicure because your broke booty couldn't afford the real deal back then.  You may have even shaved your legs or read a book.  OR laid around the apartment with your girlfriends and watched "Dirty Dancing" on HBO for the 36th time.  Whatever, the point is you had time.  

Here's what I did today.  I thought it would be fun to share. 
  • wake up after only 3 hours of sleep and manage to run brush through hair AND throw down one cup of coffee.
  • load loaner car with sample albums and info for client meeting that you are having in 30 minutes.
  • realize that you don't have KISS sample album and think you may have left it at video store.
  • load up two great kids that are tired and sleepy and already fighting with each other over who was supposed to close the door.
  • drive said kids to bb camp down the road.
  • head in opposite direction once you realize you don't have keys to get into video store because you've only had one cup of coffee and the fog hasn't lifted from your brain.
  • stop at car dealership that has your wonderful ride you've grown addicted to and grab keys off of key chain and then drive like mad to store to find sample album.
  • discover sample album is not there.
  • slap self in the face for not realizing I could have tracked fed ex shipment on line.  
  • drive to meet client and in loaner car from dealership, realize the 20$ I put in the Aztec is running low and must get gas.
  • meet with amazing client who clicks with me instantly.  I wanna photograph this girl!
  • leave and go by photog friend Toni's to pick up loaner lenses.  Two of mine are at Canon being fine tuned.
  • pick up girls at Cooper BB Camp.
  • grab some lunch and then run out of gas on the way to hair cut apointments.  OMG!
  • manage to coast car into gas station that has ALL PUMPS OUT OF ORDER.  geez...
  • slap self in face one more time
  • call devin, stephanie and any one else I can think of to come save my bootie AND keep me on my schedule
  • get ahold of my angel JULIE who saves me with 5 kids in her car.  We drop off the girls and then head back to her place to get gas can.
  • open back hatch of her car and ALL HER MAIL goes blowing around the yard.  5 McGehee's chase it down along with over weight photographer and we get it in the house.
  • leave with empty can and stop and fill up can with gas so I can then get my loaner started
  • say goodbye to julie and go and get girl's from Cathy's Clippers
  • Rush to Norma's dress shop so oldest can be measured for Quincera gown.  YIPES!  She looks so old in a cocktail dress!
  • leave and go by law office to pick up sample album
  • race to Cardinal's and buy ankle brace for cocktail dress wearing girl who strained her ankle at bb camp and has bb game in Frenship.
  • RACE home and pack cooler for 4 games
  • drive to Terra Vista and drop off one kid.  Race down 19th, put MORE gas in car and then drop off next child at voice lessons.
  • realize you've put $75 into loaner car that gets worse gas mileage than yours.  OMG!
  • Leave voice and drive to Soup or Salad and feed child and then go kill 20 minutes in Barnes and Nobel
  • buy the new PDN magazine for plane ride next day
  • drive to frenship to watch bb game
  • do the clock for game and make several mistakes
  • run all kids to next softball game and after sitting there freezing forever, watch coach of Bumblebees get pissed at officials because the ass kicking our girls were giving her got stopped 15 minutes early and she seriously thought she could make up the gap
  • drive home, drop off kids and then head to video store to do schedule, which afterwards has to be redone 3 times in the next 24 hours due to me not reading notes
  • head home to pack for wedding in austin and do 2 loads of laundry before bed
  • sleep for 3 hours before waking up late for ride to airport at 6 AM
Care to share yours?