jared + katie

Babies are the CUTEST! And they were everywhere this past weekend. :) Jared and Katie were married Saturday at St. Elizabeth's Church. It was so much fun! I met them last summer at Melanie and Joseph's wedding and was so glad I got the chance to photograph theirs. Many familiar faces and a few brawn new body parts as well. LOL

Linda was along to help and a few of these shots are her's. She's my intern for the summer and is doing GREAT!

Katie and her maids worked on the flowers the day before. They were stored in a fridge to keep until the wedding. Something about tulips being very fragile.

They had these cute invitations made up for the rehearsal and I couldn't resist.

Katie's hair had a TON of curls! Looked Fabulous!

And her shoes were adorable. She couldn't find anything she liked in the adult section and instead tried shopping in the girl's department. Success!

The gorgeous dress!

Jared and Katie wanted to take as many photographs as possible BEFORE the wedding, including each other, so we arranged for them to have a moment alone. It was great! Katie RAN folks, she ran in her gown and bear hugged him! I haven't seen Linda's images yet, but maybe I can talk her into blogging the other side of this shot. I'm sure it's adorable. :)


I LOVE St. Elizabeth's for weddings. The doors of the church face East and make for a fantastic area of formals. You can see all the lights from the sanctuary and the stained glass, yet stay cool on a HOT day. I'm sure the church staff appreciates this immensely. LOL Doors propped open and all. :)

This was taken during a discussion about Jack Daniel's and mints.

And this was right when Katie was coming down the aisle!

Father made some sort of reference to "13 kids" and Jared pumped his fist. So funny!

The new couple!

I don't normally post family formals, but how's this for a BIG group?

The groom's cake. :)

All kinds of emotion going on in this first dance. :)

Katie and her dad.

Great moment during the toasts.

Ah...the rings!

This is Andy and Abby. I 2nd shot for their wedding last year.

And this is Melanie and Joseph. :)

Linda and I enjoying the reception!

This is what's great about 2nd shooters. She gets this shot, while mine is the next.

One last dance before the exit. :)

Thanks you two! I had a great time! As always, MORE HERE.

Ceremony: St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church
Reception: 4 bar k
DJ: Chuck Colbert
officiant: Fr. Jim O'Connor
video: Dreamkeeper Video