my BIG FAT CA wedding

Shannon and Chris were married at the exact same church Shannon's parents were married at. I LIVE for stuff like this. It gives me chill bumps and makes me shoot better. LOVE the traditions that come in families and the ties that bind. The church has changed quite a bit since they were married. They've moved the altar and done some duct work to add air conditioning, thank the Lord.

They are one of my favorite couples. There I said it. I know that is so not fair to all the other couples I've photographed and spent precious time with, but they are! And I think I've figured it out finally why. Shannon feels everything at top speed and then proceeds to drag you into her vortex of happiness and wonderfulness. I LOVE that! And I love even more the fact that she so spastic and contagious that I feed off that and just want to do the best possible job I can for her, for them, for their families.

I had the best time.

Thanks you two and even though you are in Wyoming and Odessa, apart for a bit. It won't be long before the Shannon magnet pulls you two back together again.

Enjoy the sneak peek. :)