I'm getting an intern

Louis, November 2007

I'm getting ready to leave for my wedding today. It will be a LONG day and my family will be in Plainview playing Basketball without me. No worries, I'm used to that. But today, I work with my first intern. Yep. An photo communications major intern. I've been asked many times before if I would take one on and the answer is always no. I barely have enough time to take care of my family let alone train someone in the business. Which is what I'm supposed to do. Train them for the life I lead. But for some reason, this time, I said "yes". I have my theory why, because I know myself very well. And a big part of it is I don't feel the schools are doing the complete job in teaching someone about photography. I really don't.

There I said it.

The secret is out.

And the pressure is on.

Can I do this?

I know if you feel passionate about something enough you can do anything.

So bring it on.

And if she can hang all day long at THIS wedding, then there's a possibility of some passion in her spirit, too, for this BEAST I love.

But another question veering under my surface this morning is, should she want to do this? I mean, I miss out on so much my family does on the weekends. Sure! I get them during the week and we go swimming, get pedicures, go to the mall shopping, lay around all day and read, cook together and all kinds of other things, but Saturday's are work for me and play for them. And I miss being a part of them. I'm missing Summer playing basketball today.

And no, this intern does not have kids, nor can she understand the sacrifices she will have to make to work the wedding beat and somehow I have to walk the fine line of showing the realities of our job against the realities of this life.

Wish me luck.