rana and bradley (rehearsal)

BEAUTIFUL! I had a beautiful weekend! Lots of laughs, lots of fun and just a beautiful time. I haven't finished backing up all the wedding files to bring you a sneak peek of it, but the rehearsal will tide you over.
The Inn of the Mountain Gods is a great place to stay if you are in Ruidoso. Now I don't gamble, so I can't speak for the casino and the odds and all, but the rooms? Large, roomy, great views and very nice.

We rehearsed in the lobby because Charlie Pride was using the "wedding ceremony room".

This little guy was a toot 1/2! LOVEd trying to capture that energy!

Rana and her dad, Max, sharing a moment during the rehearsal. LOVE how joyful and happy Rana always looks.

interesting reflection

Bradley and his brother having "their moment". LOL

Laughter was a big part of the weekend!

Here's my favorite kid again. I have more fav kids from the reception, but he'll do. :)

The pretty blonde is Bradley's sister.

The view from the lobby was AWESOME! Great design detail to feature the veiw from almost every vantage point once you enter this building. LOVED this!

I went for a walk on the grounds to scope out some places for the next day.

And then it was on to the Texas Club. BEST steak I ever had. EVER. And I've had a lot of steak. I'm just saying!

Bradley's family is Irish and I thought this was a nice touch in our Welcome Baskets. Makes for a restful night if drank before bedtime. :)

Until tomorrow.