just for fun

I have so much to share here, and no time to do so. Check back later on tonight for some family shots from the AWESOME Daniel Clan and of course, from last night's game against Fabiens. We drove all the way to Fort Stockton for it.

I've been busy at our video store, Take One in Slaton, and never had the chance to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Here's who I spent a good part of it with. His name is Louie and he's quickly becoming a part of our family after my youngest rescued him from a barn. He (and his sister who is much less willing to be photographed) were almost lunch meet for a local dog.

On a side note, literally, check over to the right of this post for a link to TWITTER. It's a great way to keep in contact with where I'm at and what I'm up to. It works online or for texting. Last night, Kalyn twittered the Cooper vs. Fabiens game and you can read her play by play by clicking on the "follow me" link.

See you later!