varsity ball

A little background. Devin, my husband is a Slaton Tiger Alumni. Slaton and Cooper have long had a "rival" of sorts when it comes to sports and when our girls started school there 3 years ago, I seriously thought I would NEVER see the day Devin would step into Cooper HS and watch "gasp" a Cooper game. At least not unless Slaton was playing, too. I still have yet to EVER get him on the Football field and probably won't, I'm thinking, but the basketball court can be checked off my mental list of "things to do as Pirate Parents" thanks to April Ehlers.

April is family. Bear with me. Devin's grandmother and April's great-grandmother were sisters. So, when we started to attend games to watch her play last year, we would get a lot of "What are you doing here?" remarks from "those that went before us". Seriously, folks. It's hard when your mentality your entire sports life has been to be a Tiger and then to switch on a dime, well, it's been hard for my husband. ( labor isn't? LOL)

Now like all good Germans, we don't really keep up with our relatives except at church and reunions. We live less than 2 miles from April and I see her more on the court than I do anywhere else. I love to watch her play as she is so passionate for the game. She's intense, plays with heart, and best of all, looks good in my frame. In my book, she's an athlete.

Here's some shots from Seminole game last week. Leveland next. HERE is where I put all their images I take.

I absolutely LOVE this shot of all the girls heading to the goal! Intensity on each and every face and Seminole trailing way behind. LOL