school for photographers

Becker has a new site. I'm late to the game as he is on episode 16, I think, and not reading my normal photography message boards or blogs like I usually do, (thanks to working at the video store), you may already know about his cool new Photography School. But if you don't know, GO HERE.

Very cool the way he's constantly sharing with others.

I first met Becker in 05 @ DWF Convention in Vegas. I've followed his work since then and when I started my blog, he started too. It's a great way to keep connected and I LOVE checking in on his stuff and seeing what he's doing. I read 100's of blog thanks to google reader and it's so cool how the internet has connected us all.

Becker is a very successful wedding photographer on the west coast that is very passionate about his craft, having fun, The Angles, and pretty girls. So, if you are a new budding photographer, and many of you are, you should start visiting his blog school everyday. He has lots of good tips to share and things to really help you start your business. I've even picked up a few tips myself and I've been playing this game for a while.