I was at it again Tuesday night! I like shooting sports and think after "chewing the fat" with Stephanie, getting better at camera parameters and exposures. It seems like we are constantly tweaking our settings to get consistent, clear results. Tuesday night felt GREAT. Not only because I felt like I had achieved that, but also because Cooper best Levelland! Great game, that was very scary in the first few minutes, but by the end of the first half, you just felt the tide turn and knew they could do it.

Below you will see Lauren Heinrich, Stephanie and myself getting pumped up to get under the goal and get our shots. Lauren just purchased her first digital SLR with her own hard earned money , and she's just in the 8th grade! She's doing so good at this and I love that she's starting her passion at such a young age. NOT that she will do this for a living or anything. No pressure there, Boo (that's what everyone calls her...don't ask), but once a shooter, always a shooter, and this girl IS shooting!

On a side note, APRIL was published in the AJ. You can read the article online HERE. Very exciting stuff.

They were so PUMPED before the game! INTENSE!

This is Mandy Padilla, a senior at Levelland who was benched the first half of the game because she was in foul trouble. Word on the "court" is she has a verbal agreement with Texas Tech to go and play there in the fall. WOW.

I watched her play some last year, and I'll admit, the girl has game, and she defended well, but Kimmie was HOT that night. This game was aggressive and tight. I'm anxious to watch them play again this year.

um...yeah...no foul on this one, but do you think she agreed with the call? LOL