dalton and kate

It's been 6 months since their mother died and I drive by her grave everyday on my way to work and smile. The tree that the family planted above her grave to keep her in the shade is doing well, although I know nothing about trees other than I like them.

These two change so much from week to week. Dalton needs a hair cut, but he's been so busy hunting and bringing down his first BUCK (6 point) that he hasn't had a 2nd to sit still for Julie. She's the other friend that helps Garrett with his kids after school. She cuts Dalton's hair and takes Kate for her "beauty time", and has loved and welcomed them into her life to know them better, too. I only get these two for one day a week. That's all. That's all I can squeeze in, but a part of me is so greedy, and enjoys them so much, that I want more.

I knew them before when Eli was living, but I didn't KNOW them like I know and love them now. They fill my heart and it hurts when they leave and aches when they cry. We talk about their mom almost every time we are together. Usually we run into someone that knew her and it makes us smile. Like at the grocery store when they push the baskets into the back of my ankles and worry that I'll get mad.

We are figuring each other out more and more and each week they trust me more and more. They laugh and giggle a lot and love to play jokes, and expect bananas on their seats when I pick them up, and sometimes spill a chocolate malt and each week ask me when I will clean that off the carpet.

They love to play basketball outside, or chase the kittens around the house, or jump on the trampeline and try to do a seat drop. They love to play games and make sand whiches and help me. Most important, they still want to come to my house and be a part of our lives. I'm so glad. I keep thinking about the distant future and how someday, they may not. Afterall, it's a house filled with women and someday, they will want to hang out with their friends.

For now, I'm so glad we have Wednesdays. I tell them all the time that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.