a bit excessive perhaps? But do I care? :)

YUM! I LOVE this photo above. Days have been crazy. I'm back working at my video store until we can find a "day girl", as I like to call her. I don't talk much about our store on here, and I'm not even sure why? But now that I'm back working the day shift, I'll probably moan and groan ALOT. It's really not that bad. The folks in Slaton are nice and the non-stop diet coke with the soft ice is such a perk, I'm sure I'll be fine for at least a week.

I have a wedding to share with you folks, but didn't get the files burned completely and until the archive is burned completely, well, I don't like to touch the files. So, tomorrow. In the mean time, enjoy part 2 of Jordan and Emily. I LOVE these!