the kuhn family

The Kuhn Family
Jason, Laura, Wyatt, Savannah, and Lilly

Last night, Wyatt, who is the boy in the shot above, asked me when we finished photographing last night if I would have dinner with them. The Kuhn family lives in Levelland and I had driven over last night to photograph their family. I wanted to say yes. No, correct that, I wanted to SCREAM yes! I've been dealing with a head cold, and album issues, not to mention just the basic holiday stress and I would have loved nothing more than to sit down with this adorable, imaginative little boy and his family and enjoy myself. I had so much fun photographing them, just thinking about dinner and getting the giggles warmed my heart. But alas, I had a family myself waiting at home, so I had to tell Wyatt no. Sorry about that, Wyatt.

Laura and Jason, if you guys are reading this? Your kids are ultra precious and I loved spending time with them and with you. Hope you love your sneak peek!

The shot below was taken by Wyatt. I better watch out! When he grows up, he will totally be stealing my clients! Great shot, Wyatt!