what's up with Grey's? (2)

Were they simply trying to attract more high school kids? Were they trying to reach a different target market other than middle-aged women who need a good cry? Were the writers trying to get back at the cheerleaders that were mean to them in high school? I mean come on Shondra! What is up?

I thought the episode would be AWESOME! Especially after Miranda/Mandy danced after putting up the notice about her being chief Resident. Way to go Miranda! And we don't have a glimpse of her troubled marriage showing up, which I liked (see her troubled marriage, even if it was just by phone,) because it made her more human. I would love to see her husband come up for lunch sometime with the baby because she's the one Mom on the show I can semi-relate to. Are they even any other Mom's on the show? Oh, wait, maybe nurse Rose who has assisted on 32 surgeries with Derek is a Mom. We don't know yet, do we?

But after the dancing scene, this episode quickly went down hill. At least it did for me. Sure, the show had it moments. I especially loved the scenes with Meredith and her Dad and even more so, when Lexi called it like it is with Meredith and busted her "Daddy is proud bubble". Yes, it hurt, but Lexi is way more complex than Meredith would like to believe. And this could be the part that bonds them as sisters, if anything ever would. Because I know it ain't going to be Mc Dreamy. She sleeps or dates Meredith's man? And it's over, Lexi. This ain't day time soaps.

And I love Alex laying it down for her and sharing a glimpse of his life with her and me. I love Alex. I've always have since season one. He stole my heart in that year with his carrying Izzie away from Denny in that ballgown. He's the messed up damaged, knight in shining armor and I'm just waiting for him to break and really love someone. I thought it was going to be Ava, but now that he's had her, he doesn't seem so interested. And I think it has something to do with her being a Mom and he doesn't want to be the guy to wreck the marriage. Or, it probably really has more to do with him being damaged and uncapable of committment. So he stays away. And I'm fine with that. He can wait for ME! Maybe I can be an extra on the show and we can have a little "to do" in the on-call room! LOL Another -20 pounds and I'm all his. LOL

So, I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in the wit being gone and in the writing I think most of all. And I know they had these episodes written BEFORE the writers strike. Any news on that any way? They can't use that as an excuse. I detested the Miranda and Marcus scenes and they were painful to watch. Not for her lack of acting, the woman is awesome as that goes, but just that the Nazi would never in a million years let a guy do that to her. I realize they were trying to tie in the entire life is still high school thing, but geez...don't taint my Miranda. Leave her be, leave her for strength and integrity and POWER FEMALE spirit. I need that.

The entire thing about Izzie and George is just awful. It's killing me as I'm sure it is them. There's no way this is the Izzie and George of last season. Izzie didn't care last season what she said and who she hurt. We had a glimpse of the old Izzie, briefly this episdoe, in the room with the guy and his pencil in his eye, who is now comatose and the girl is losing her friend. When Izzie went off on those cheerleaders? You know, "go, just go", that was perfect. That was the Izzie I know and love. She was all about the moment and hot kisses and great sex. We aren't having that much great sex this season, are we? A nd I don't think you are going to find it between these two. Now, Mark? Yep. Set the Daddy free! Come on writers/creators. I love the brotherly thing going on between him and Derek, but let these dudes cruise a bar other than the one across the street for the hospital. And I'm sure he is still pining for Addy and maybe he needs a weekend away after the crushing blow of the cheerleaders thinking he looked just like her dad. But come on! Get him in a towel somehow. We need to see Mark in a towel. I need to see Mark in a towel.

Despite the fall flat episode, which I will now rate in my subject title from this moment on. Scale from 1-5 with 5 being the BEST ever, despite the flatness, I did manage to write down a few favorite lines of dialogue.

  • Is it weird that my drunk dad is better than my regular dad?
  • Cheerleaders just jump around, Poms are dancers. Hot cheerleader ass.
  • Teeny-boppers are staring at you.
  • You look exactly like her Dad.
One nice moment for Mere and McDreamy. I have to mention this because I truly feel Meredith is "getting there" on her relationship maturity scale. The moment on the bench outside when she held his hand when he told her he had to tell that girl about her pencil-eyed friend never waking up again. That was good. That was growth. That was "being there", and he needed that.