grey's anatomy (Kung Fu Fighting)

A true surgeon never admits to needing help.

That's our theme to work with this week and yep, Meredith needs Christina to help her figure out her life and what she should do. She can't sleep. And it's not just flushing her mother down the OR drain that will get her past break-up sex in her relationship and move on to something more, something real. Christina thinks she has severe abandonment issues or at least that's what the book said. But she does really. Abandonment issues. She advises Mere to stop having break up sex and move on. Several times the phrase "move on" is used in tonight's episode.

Christina wouldn't let the Chief live in her apartment after Callie dished her so he's parked the 5th wheel out on Derek's land that probably takes them a minimum of 1 1/2 hours to get to work. I guess they ride Ferry Boats but we don't see much of those anymore. Me thinks Derek doesn't love them as much because afterall, due to a ferry boat crash, he almost lost Meredith. The Chief thinks that a man who gets up at 3 AM to fish for breakfast is a man in pain over a woman, so t he sugestes that they need a Gentleman's night. Of course Derek and Mark, (and Bailey) think that means strippers, but we find out at the end, that Gentlemen really play Monopoly. Yep. I typed that right, Monopoly.

And Izzie and George are looking for perfect sex and of course perfect sex involves shaving their legs. I think Devin even laughed out loud at the end of this one when George and Izzie end up spooning in bed instead (and leaving lighted candles everywhere! Hello! Fire Hazard!) and he asks if she only shaved one leg? So funny! She of course is a bawl baby because she saved bird man from freaking out on the operating table today. She's too tried for sex! And he is too, because he was Proxy for the hold the dress contest.

Speaking of the dress contest, I loved that girl fight for the wedding of their dreams and everyone telling them that they are getting blood on the dress! So funny! Of course Mark is torturing Geoger for Callie's sake but then Callie gets over him because, dammit, that's just what good docs do. Move on.

What about the new "Dr. Female Burke"? What do you think of her? I love her sarcasm and Essay, (S.A. for Smart Ass), especially her references to "ridicously attractive". She likes those cute surgeons! Reason she got invited to Monopoly Night, huh? And she announced last week that she likes men, so I wonder who she will sleep with by the end of the season? Perhaps Derek?

Lexi is hiding in the closet from Dr. Yang and who shows up to save her and then screw her? Well, Alex of course. Who else? Because he's so busy he can't chase after Ava he decides to take Lexi under his wing. And his chest and legs too, but that's later. After he's showed her he's a great doctor by letting her tag along with him for the day. Of course she does use her crafty ways of getting blond bride to have surgery so they don't sit around and write on charts all day. Something about the hump on her back due to not having surgery. LOL

I didn't cry this episode. I think it's because Devin was watching with us and totally ruined it by interpreting his manly opinions which you know of course doesn't work with Grey's. Afterall, it's written by women. He can't be quiet in movies and when he watches television he always talks right when you want to hear. For example, last night? When Derek and Meredith were breaking up again? Her talking about her death and Derek and getting all normal? Devin starts talking and asking questions. HELLO! All 3 women of the house (yes, I let my 11 year old watch...shoot me now.) SCREAMED at him to HUSH! It was so funny! Now he realizes it's not just me and I'm the wierd one, he's in a house of women who are emotional junkies and he's messing with our turf! Our kleenex! Our guilty pleasure!

I think that's when I would have cried, because Derek kissed her back without slapping her arm, or squeezing the veins off the bones. Yep. I would have lost it if Devin had not been there.

Favorite words from last night...

"are you two a couple?"

"I don't know you well enough to have this conversation."

"pretty and prettier"

Until next week!