I don't think the Beaver asked this before

Ok, MOM and DAD, stop here, because I know you would not want me discussing this on an open forum, but since I share almost everything here, I had to give you a glimpse of my day.

Kalyn asked me what a T-bag is. As a parent you get teachable moments that can rip your soul apart and if you keep your cool, a definite opportunity to bring it back to God. Because, all things lead to God or they should.

So, she's in the bathroom telling me about a conversation in Science class yesterday and then said she wasn't sure what they meant, but some fellow was talking about T-bags. What a nice fellow, huh?

I thought for sure it had something to do with weed, marijuana, or such. You know, "dime bags" or quite possibly maybe it had to do with "douche bags". I tried every situation and slang I have heard in my almost 40 years and all were getting shot down by my daughter, who seriously didn't think that was it.

So, we googled it and found this wicked cool web site that all GOOD PARENTS should have bookmarked and refer to daily. And you can click yourself below for the definition.


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