the proposal

I've photographed a proposal before. And I would show you the images, but it was back when I shot film, and I don't even have the negatives. Allyson does. Allyson? Hmm...lots of Ally's in my life! And I've never met one I didn't like.

This is Allyson Moffitt. And she is getting married this spring and according to Jonathan, the cute, tall, skinny dude with the goatee (his description in a text), she LOVES my photography! Well, those of you that have met me, know I'm like melted butter when you say you love my photography and when Jonathan shared with me his scheme to surprise Allyson with a proposal, well, I just had to be there!

Like I said, I've done a proposal once before, but gosh! I had forgotten how nervous and excited I was! I about peed my pants waiting behind the memorial plaque! Imagine how nervous Jonathan must have been! I asked him if he had anything planned and he said he was going to "wing it". From the heart and REAL is what it was.

Judge for yourself from the images. Congratulations you two!