This is McCall. You seriously, can NOT take a bad photograph of this lady. You just can't. And she's got the BEST yell when a trucker honks at her! LOL You go, GIRL!

I first photographed her several years ago before her Mom died. One of my very good friends, Lori was very good friends with McCall's Mom. When she asked if I would take Senior Pictures for her, I didn't even hesitate. She's was photogenic then and I knew she would be now. Duh?

We traveled all over Lubbock in search of the perfect backgrounds and found some new places and chased the light. My favorite thing to do. Her sister went along with us, which made it all the more fun and her cousin, Ashton. An aspiring photographer in her own right.

It was a wonderful evening!

Thanks, McCall.

The famous, "I got a honk!" shot.