YIPES! She's 14!

I seriously can't believe it. I don't think she really did either. We were standing in the room at Cloudcroft and I was tucking her in bed. (Yep, I still do that!) And she looked so surprised and happy when she told me,

"Mom! It's past midnight! I'm 14!"

I gulped and I swear my heart skipped a solid two or three beats, and when I saw the emotion in her face, I beamed too. Somehow, you just don't think about your babies being full fledged teenagers! They still seem all cuddly and soft and smell like powder. LOL

I'm so proud of her and all the courage she's mustered up through her junior high years! She's such a great young lady, and even if I wasn't related to her, if I met her, I would want to hang out with her. LOL She's just plain fun!

Happy Birthday Kalyn Marie! (we are celebrating on Sunday afternoon as we drove home from the mountains on her actual birthday.)

Sydni, Mayci and Summer all made her this "cake" for her birthday. They made her blow out a daffodil as a candle and sang to her in the forth they created in the mountains. Such a great birthday!

Cooper 8th graders also started their season in Volleyball last night against Terra Vista (Frenship). We won! And Kalyn even played on the front line, which surprised us and a few other folks. And her mother, the "professional" photographer forgot to bring a spare battery and only managed to take a few images. Geez...when will I learn?!