It's a CYBER sista topic and I so want to keep up with things this go around that I'm not gonna miss this!

TOPIC: Who in your life has inspired you or do you consider to be your hero? Tell us a little about this person(s).

Myrtle Laverne Helton

My maternal Grandmother, or Granny Helton to me. She is the most fabulous person I know. And the reason I'm a Christian, I'm sure.

She raised 4 girls along with my Papaw and has a slew of stories she can share about the Depressions, raising 4 girls, and living with my Papaw. She rode a train as a young bride and had absolutely nothing growing up.

I love my Granny for her love of the Lord and her strength as a woman. She lives by herself in Madera, CA and is legally blind, yet emails everyone in her family every day. She laughs all the time and can always find the Lord in every situation.

"We have always been a nation dedicated to God and now they have put Him out of every thing and we are going to experience things that other world countries have had. We just have to draw closer to God and not be afraid."
September 2007, in an email

The pictures below are of Granny and my mom and me in Las Vegas, NV. We were staying together during my cousin's wedding and we had such a great time laughing and enjoying each other.

I love you Granny!