dalton and kate (week one)

Dalton and Kate update.

I started helping out with these two after school and wanted to give everyone an update as to how they are doing. I'm asked by blog readers all the time as their Mom, Eli really touched alot of hearts.

I'm happy to report they are doing GREAT! I'm sure it hasn't been easy on everyone involved in their care the past month or so and especially Garett, so continue to pray, folks!

But gosh, these two were so much fun!

Summer was a big help, her and Kate made salt dough and while they were creating amazing things, Dalton was heavily into Texas Tech and Nebraska on the Playstation 2. LOL

Oh, and he lost his front teeth! Last Friday when I saw him, one was hanging by a "thread" and he lost it over the weekend. During a time out in the game I managed to get a close up for you Austin Folks! (shout out to Amy, Richard, Tammi, and Pam! WE love and miss you guys!)