wednesdays @ julie's

We swim every Wednesday at Julie's. With or without her. Mostly with her and her kids, and that is so much more fun than just us. I've watched Julie's kids grow up since Ben, her 2nd was born. In fact, I met Julie through Elizabeth. They went to school together and Elizabeth took me to Bunco at her house one evening 8 or so years ago. Many kids later, we are still friends. So, today, I drove by Aunt Barbara's (Devin's Aunt, Elizabeth's mother-in-law), and picked up Dalton and Kate, so they could join in on our weekly fun.

I keep telling myself that it will get easier and every time I get very sad, or can't sleep, I simply think of these kids. I know many of you have called, emailed and wondered what it is you can do to help, and I don't seem to have an answer. I'm only glad you are concerned, because that sparks the heart to think of them, and pray. They are such adorable kids and have a GREAT Dad that will do his best. Not too mention amazing cousins that love to swim with them!

So, keep praying and asking and emailing, and loving. If we all do that, they will be just fine. Oh, and read the print under each photo to know just who is who. With the 4 I brought and Julie's 5, that's a lot of kids! (Stephanie? Remind me next week to bring the camera out when you are there! Seriously...and get your with those kiddos! OK?)

Julie's youngest son, Rex. He will be 4 soon. Here he is channeling the Spideyman Gods. I told him to cross his eyes and this is what I got. LOL

Me, with stuch a stupid look on my face, taken by Stephanie. I'm holding Megan, Julie's daughter. She is such a cutie!

UGH! This new thing I've started...posting images of myself is so hard. I really do hate it. But after pouring through images of Eli in the past week, I just feel it is so important to include myself in the personal stuff. And besides, Emily Houchin requested it, so there. Isn't that enough? It's a shame we never see each other, really. I mean, geez...grab the binoculars and look out each other's front windows and we could "see each other", huh?

Megan, Kalyn and Kate.

Kate, enjoying some chocolate pudding.


Kalyn and Megan.

Kate and Kalyn.

Summer and Megan.

The one and only photograph of Dalton and guess who took this one? His sister Kate did. I better watch out, she is going to be wanting my job next.

Football crazed Rex.