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I'm so sorry if you've been trying to reach me since last week. I've been having trouble for weeks now with my Cingular Wireless 8125. It's a "do it all phone" and it's given me more grief than it was every worth. Well, my 4th one in less than a year bit the dust today, screen wise, and they are sending me a replacement, but I have basically had enough.

So, I'm the proud owner of an iphone as of 4 PM today. I'm still figuring the thing out, but the good news is, my voice mail is working again, due to a new sim card, which I know think was the problem with phone #2 and #3 but I had no idea.

To make a lon story short, if you tried to reach me by voice mail in the last week and I have not called you, PLEASE email me at kristinbednarz@mac.com or you may now phone 806-789-2673. I hope my main problems are resolved. And thank you so much for your patience!
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