a new lens (or two)

I shoot with the 5d and it's a full frame sensor which is GREAT. My lens, the 16-35, which is my WIDE, I've loved since I first bought it back in 05. With the 5d, it was great for environmental shots, but just not quite sharp enough for portraits or groups and I hated the way it distorted folks on the edge of the frame. So, I was shopping for a new wide prime that would serve me well. It needed to be sharp, fast and most of all, durable. I decided on the 24 1.4.

Here's a few images from today's soccer game of my youngest Summer Zoe. I think I'm really going to love this lens!

On a side note, I thought it was the only one I had purchased. I forgot I had thrown the 200 2.8 in the cart as well. So, I have a new prime, long focal to play with as well. Gosh! It feels like Christmas!