my tour of Greenbay

They don't grow them like this here. Here we have to water CONSTANTLY and pull weeds every other day. But in WI? They just grow. I love it!

See, when Cheryl, Valerie's Mom got married, everyone drove out to the lake and hand picked the flowers for the reception, well since this wedding is steeped in tradition, meaning the date and the 3 generations of women wearing that amazing gown, it seemed fitting to repeat this tradition too. So, cool.

So, on the Friday of the wedding, after photographing Brenda's clan, we drove on out to the Don and KayElla's place. It's about 50 minutes outside of Green bay and so worth the drive! We stayed for just a bit and then headed back into Green bay and I had the chance to visit Valerie and Mike's new home. More on that later....just scroll on down and enjoy!

This is Jessica and her sister. She works with Cheryl and is a fantastic floral designer! She hand picked many of the flowers that day and stuffed them all into the back of her Tahoe. She spent many hours in the basement, creating, creating and creating!

Yes, beware folks. They are amazing designer that can wield a sharp scissor! Charlie's Angels ain't got nothing on these flower girls!

Gorgeous Place!

I just loved the smell of these trees! Below is a view of the back of Don and Kayella's place. Such a great design. I don't have any images to share, but the inside reflects the Texas side of the couple complete with horns and horseshoes. LOL

You can't beat shuffleboard!

Cute story that I'm sure their Mom's will love. You see, these are Kay Ella's grandkids visiting and staying with them for the wedding and their summer vacation. Well, they are quite competitive kids because as Kay Ella was giving me the "grand tour" of their amazing place on the lake, we came out the back where they were "jousting" and I heard the words, "Grandma, she flipped me the bird." LOL I was rolling!

Ahh....Lambeau field. This is why you come to Green Bay. A Wedding? Forget the wedding, I wanted to see Lambeau field. (No, not really, I always love weddings, but it was cool seeing the place and getting a visual image in my head of Valerie in her new home. Very cute!

Check this out. You can literally walk to the field from Valerie's back yard. Yep. Walk. And Mike, her entrapaneur husband has devised a way to shave mega bucks from the mortgage payment each month. PARKING. Yep. That's what the do here in Green Bay. In the city that revolves around the Packers, you need parking for those tailgate parties, so, Mike and Valerie will provide it. BUT BEWARE relatives. No FREE PARKING just because you know the couple. Nope. Mike already warned us. So fork out the bucks to help the newlyweds out. Hey, I think we might could get a beer from the basement on Mike though. Maybe? Huh?

Cute, cute place too, folks. Fully redone and even came with this really cute contemporary furniture. And not redone in a tacky way, either. Very cute and very cool. The are so lucky! My first home? Oh, my gosh! We so won't go there.

Okay, Cory's nickname in our family is "too tall". He's married to Jill, Devin's cousin. Just check this dude out scraping the ceiling in Valerie and Mike's basement! Cool basement, but Cory will be crawling. LOL

Had to get a shot of Curly!

Jerry was giving us the tour and he was sweet enough to take this photograph of us. The camera adds 10 pounds, remember that. Totally unflattering pose for me. I can take photographs very well, just not be in them.

Me and Jill being total self portrait dorks. I love this!

Jerry giving us the background to how they got the money to start the Packers and the Field.

Jill and Cory.

Isn't this great! I love how the light is there and it's built on the North side which has got to be brutal during the season. Great place to come and enjoy the game!

Wisconsin Cheese. YUM! I have one of these cheese heads from a Christmas eons ago when I first met Devin's Northern Family. They make the long trek every other Christmas to spend the Holidays with us. So much fun! Corny fun, but FUN!

This place is so ultra cool and devoted totally to it's fans. Check this out. The lines inside the atrium coincide with the marks on the field. So, when I was standing on the 50 yard line, if I could walk through walls, that is where the 50 yard line is on the field. Cool, huh?

Last shot before we headed to the rehearsal. On the left is Mike, chatting it up with Kyle, Valerie's Bro. You know, Guitar Hero. Thanks for the tour, Jerry! It was so cool getting to see the place, but next time? I want tickets to a game! LOL