an heirloom by idalee

I'm home! Finally after all day of traveling. AND some lost luggage. I really can't stress this enough, but we so need to fly SW EVERYWHERE! And even where they don't fly? Fly close and then drive. Not that SW doesn't make mistakes. We all make mistakes. But at least with SW, they are friendly and give you peanuts.

So, Wisconsin was amazing! It was so much fun with family just to hang out and visit and yes, I did work, as evident by these pictures I'm sharing of Valerie's bridal. But even more so, I'm so glad I could make her marriage celebration and witness how happy everyone was, not to mention, dance my bootie off with Jill. (more on that later of course...)

I'm way behind on posting, editing, backing up files, and most of all, ALBUMS! Oh, and my cell phone broke right before I left, and I have so many voice mail messages to answer and return. YIPES! I thank you all for your patience and understanding. If you are understanding. If you are not? Well, drinking works for me.

We did Valerie's bridal on Thursday after the Family Session. I had seen the dress in photographs, as Ida Lee, Devin's Grandmother, made it for Claryce, Valerie's Grandmother. Did that make sense?

It looked amazing! Classic and refined and oh, my! I got chills looking through the lens. Many of these were taken with my new 200 2.8 and I think it's a keeper for sure. It's creamy and rich with the files and colors, and best of all, weighs so much less than my 70-200 2.8. A great way to downsize the bag now that I'm shooting 2 cameras.

I'll post more from the wedding and my trip, but for now, enjoy these of the Classic Val all dressed up in an amazing heirloom of a gown! 3 generations have worn it and it's looks AMAZING!

Hey, someone email Jessica Claire and see if she can spot something in this shot! LOL I left my shootsac out on the ledge. Geez.... it's not in every shot, but gosh, when will I learn?