shirley + pat

I spent the afternoon and evening in Lamesa, Texas tonight. Shirley met Pat and they said their vows tonight in front of several preachers, but most of all, in front of their family. And there was LOTS of family! They each had their grandchildren stand up with them as bridesmaids and groomsmen. And even though Shirley, held it in and only cried a "tear or two", the emotion in the room was heavy, and heavy because of the blessings that God gives. A 2nd chance at love, it's a great thing.

This is Pat right before Shirley walked down the aisle with her son and grandson.

There were 3 preachers in attendance, all good friends of the couple so there was a lot of praying and singing. They did a sand ceremony and it was quite a thing!

Congratulations you two! I'm so excited for you and for your families. It's nice to know you have each other.