long time no hear...

It's been quite a couple of weeks. And quite some time since I've blogged.

Lots of weddings, lots of summer fun, and even a funeral in the mix. No, it's not my cousin Elizabeth, although she is under care with Hospice and is going home from the hospital in a few days. I'll keep you posted, now that the company is out of the house.

The funeral was Cindy Hays. You can read about here on my good friend Toni's Blog. Her funeral was beautiful and lovely, lots of tears, lots of laughs. It's hard to understand God's plans all the time. We just have to trust Him.

Company. I had my nieces and nephews here with me, along with my Granny and my Mom for 8 ENTIRE DAYS! How fun is that? And I would have a ton of photos to share with you, however, my camera BROKE and get this...

I had to video tape.


I did manage to take a few before the shutters completely croaked.

We had so much fun!

They LOVED the trampoline and even wanted to sleep on it, but we never quite made it. We went to Joyland, played outside, broke into a trailor, ate tons of pizza. Your basic summer vacation! LOL

Check out Abby! Just so cute and sweet! We were having fun playing with the edges of my 16-35.

This is them! Hope, Abby and Noah. Trina, Summer's horse instructor was kind enough to take them for a ride on her horse. And you know what made it even more TEXAS COOL? It took place at Dairy Queen. LOL