testing out a slideshow

the cutest hiney ever!

I'm working on the sneak peek from Alexa and Brian's wedding, while tons of family is staying at my house from California! I'm so excited to have my family here for the first time all together, in like, FOREVER! (future blog posts to come on this time. My California neices and nephews are too cute!) We are having so much fun! But I think the kids are wearing us down. And the dog... he seriously has a vet apointment later and I think he's faking sickness, just so he can "get away". Kinda like doggie spa day!

Anyway, I was playing around with the slideshow feature in Picasa, which by the way, is the coolest software ever for online pictures and online chats. And I wanted to see if I could get this little booger working. Here it goes!

There are so many cool ways to show off your photos these days. I love the simplicty of clicking a few buttons and my sneak peeks from my weddings are "shared to the world". Very cool.

Facebook is another great way to share and tag friends as well. Do any of you have a facebook account? I do! Apparently, according to my wedding clients, it's the "cool mature" place to be. (as opposed to myspace...which I have also! LOL)

To see Alexa and Brian's Sneak Peek on facebook, click HERE.

Leave comments! I love it when people leave comments on facebook, or Picasa!

Stay tuned!