melanie + joseph

What a week! Stephanie, my good friend and promising, 2nd shooter spent the weekend in HOT and sweaty League City, Texas photographing Melanie and Joseph's wedding. WOW! It was such a great weekend, with family and friends surrounding this couple, with fellowship and love. Just a great group of people to be around and work with. I have some of the best clients!

I've photographed Catholic weddings before, however, NEVER one this traditional and reserved in it's love of the Church and Sacrament of Communion. RICH! That's the best way to put it. I'm a Catholic girl and have been for almost 20 years, however, I've never attended a mass in a head viel, except the day I got married! Of course, out of respect for the church Melanie and Joseph chose, I sported the viel and SKIRT! I know...I promise I did NOT flash anyone with my knowledge. I stayed on my feel, for the most part and kept quiet. (until the reception, of course. LOL)

On to the photographs!

Melanie sleeps with Bunny. And yes, Bunny has met Joseph. I just love that she had Bunny with her, this last day of being a "single girl". It was great! I'm not sure if he got packed into the "honeymoon luggage:? I didn't check.

Funny little story, Melanie and her best friend Meghan, got married just 6 months apart and each chose the EXACT same wedding dress! That's how close these two are!

Stephanie and I played around with my new wireless flash transmitter. Sound technical, but once everything is set, so much fun! And FREEDOM! I'm still working on achieving the look I have in my head, and excuting it, but it's a great way to get the light OFF the camera and create dramatic results. LOVE this shot of a bridesmaid dress with Melanie's viel!

They saw each other ahead of time, and to be honest with you? I usually don't perfer it this way. I'm a sucker for that "walk down the aisle, first look", thing. But you know? I seriously don't think Melanie could have waited to see Joseph! She almost RAN down the concrete to find him in the courtyard and I was scrambling to keep up and keep her in focus. Great moment and she was just sooooo happy!

I absolutely adore this shot! I know it's not perfect, the focus is a bit off. (on her hair instead of her eyes) yet I had to show you all this shot. Stephanie took it, and it's the bride's sister, obviously moved by them seeing each other, and just the emotion it envokes! I LOVE IT! It just goes to show you that an image does not have to be perfect to tell the story. You can see the love, concern, and feelings she has for her sister, and they are all wrapped up in this one second, captured.

The beautiful bride with those piercing blue eyes!

The most adorable flower girls on the PLANET!

2nds before her walk down the aisle.

I LOVE this shot of Melanie first turning to see Joseph, right before their vows! I had less than 2 seconds to get this shot as the groomsmen repositioned themselves and Melanie was engulfed in my camera's frame by black tuxes!

This is Joseph and his Mom, Pat. Such a great moment! There's another GREAT MOMENT of the two of them on their gallery. CLICK HERE.

Nothing like being sung to from a wedding guest. This happens alot to us as we are on the dance floor with our gear, usually egging folks on! It's one of my favorite times of the day!

Thanks, Melanie and Joseph and your familes for showing us a wonderful celebration in League City, Texas! Be sure and check out the SNEAK PEEK on your Online Wedding Gallery!

I'm crazy busy in my wedding season right now and unfortunately have many clients waiting on their images and phone calls! I promise you are all on my mind and things will be taken care of. Please be patient and know that I'm thinking of you and doing my best to make sure all the "to do's" are taken care of.

I'll be in San Angelo for the weekend, but with the drive should be able to reach each of you that have left messges this week.

Take care and have a great weekend!