kate + dave

16-35 mm
f/2.8 @ 1/6 sec
250 iso

OH, gosh! I can't believe I'm home! 24 hours of airports and planes and I finally made it. I will spare you all the gory details, and instead excite you with images from my first, hopefully not my last, Boston Wedding!

As usually, there are more on their "sneak peek". Just click HERE. I hope to have the slide show up soon, so check back for updates!

The first shot? The one above? I LOVE THIS SHOT! I got to ride in a classic, original, a Rolls Royce. It was such a beautiful car, and such a beautiful day! I had to mention that shot because it seriously was a great day! We are going through one of the tunnels on the way to the reception and yes, I will shamelessly admit, I asked them to kiss. But seriously, they didn't mind, because the two kissed several times and for much longer than what the shot needed. Geez....newlyweds.

I wish I could remember the hairdressers name, I'm so sorry if you are reading this, but she we went to Louis of Boston. (Kate, correct me if I'm wrong.) and she has been working with Kate and her amazingly healthy hair, for years. I love what she did with it!

iso 400

The salon had all this cool contemporary art hanging that made a great backdrop for a great viel.

iso 320

iso 1600

iso 500

We couldn't have asked for a better Boson Day! Or so I'm told. LOL

We strolled around campus for a bit. Kate went to school at Wellesly, which is where the ceremony took place, and we spent some quick minutes just walking a bit. Oh, my gosh! You could take photographs here for hours! But we didn't have hours, so we quickly strolled down the road and back.

Amazing scenery and amazing dresses! I loved the color! Indigo Blue...chosen by Kate's sister, Sarah.

and then the boys! Never a dull moment, and never a dull joke.