This is Adleigh.

And this always happens with babies this age. You plan and plan, and even plan some more, and they still, no matter what, run the show. She's absolutely adorable! She really is, but I believe Mom and Dad (Patrick and Chelsea) when they say, she is usually so happy and full of smiles! But when a stranger shows up, puts her in a wheat field and strips her down to her onsie, well, you are bound to get a few different looks.

And we did!

We started out at home, so Adleigh could get used to my voice, and then we drove out to Woodrow Road which has the coolest fields of green, green grass! But Adlieigh really wouldn't smile or interact with me, and I can't blame her one bit. The girl was more interested in the grass. LOL

Once home, though? In her own high chair? Yep, smiles. She was happy eating those peas.

Chelsie is such an amazing artist! She asked me to photograph her portfolio at the end of this year as she was having trouble getting a good image of some of her stuff. She wants to create a web site and feature her work there for everyone to see. I seriously think she should and even encouraged her to start a blog. (another blog for me to read...insert evil blogaholic laughter!) So, don't be surprised if I post a link here someday.

Here's just one of her amazing pieces!

My personal favorite from our time together. Such a great feeling, especially for all moms and dads out there! I love this one!