kathleen and kyle

Whew! It took most of the afternoon to pour through my favorites, but here they are! Kathleen married Kyle last night at my home church, St. Joseph in Slaton, TX. I've known the Brosch Family (Kat's Mom and Dad since my first week in Slaton, Texas over 17 years ago. I even taught their oldest daughter, Christie at St. Joseph school when I was a teacher. Yep...a teacher. Kat also has worked for us at our video store AND I photographed her sister when she married Jason almost 3 years ago. In other words....HISTORY. There's HISTORY.

I love photographing weddings where I know all the guests. It's so much fun to visit with folks you know and catch up on what's going on. Just a warm friendly feeling that feels like HOME. I LOVE IT! And Kathleen's wedding was that, it felt like home. On to the details...

minister, Deacon Darris Linder
florist, Deann Funderburk
band, the one and Only REX THOMAS BAND
baker, Chad Wilson, with the Slaton Bakery
food, Clint Davis and Lloyd Kitten

I met the "gents" at Stonegate Golf Course that morning. They were partaking in a scramble and besides endangering the life of a lawn gnome, they did quite well. They sure were having fun, and that's the main thing on your wedding day!

Our church is undergoing renovations in the area that is usually reserved for the bride, so Kathleen just got ready at her Grandma's. It was nice to have everyone all in one place.

I love these shots of Kathleen trying to help her Nanny put on her pearls.

The shot above is Makayla, Kat's neice in her high heels! She was so excited!

This is Kodi, Kyle's niece, another adorable flower girl!

Kathleen's Dad.

I photographed their engagement and they used the images in all sorts of fun ways! These are the programs they put together. Such a great idea! Anything involving photographs is good by me.

Having fun with the rings! Stephanie got this shot below. I love having her along for weddings! It's fun to hang out together and in tight situations, that extra eyes and camera sure comes in handy.

Stephanie took this shot of the guys before the ceremony. They were hanging out at St. Joseph Hall which is where the nearest out of sight location was. AND it had beer. That's a good thing for waiting. I love Kyle's Dad's Hat in this photograph! Such a great look!

Right before their BIG walk down the aisle.

I love this shot Stephanie got during the ceremony of Mr. and Mrs. Brosch watching the ceremony.

Reception time! Looks like Makayla is up for it, huh?

Many Catholic weddings feature a Grand March that is so much fun! We did one at my wedding and it involves all the guests from the reception dancing around the hall for several minutes and finishing surrounding the bride and groom. From there, they dance their first dance. It's such a great tradition and I love how the guests are all featured in the background of their images.

I've had exits that have involved, flower petals, sparklers, fireworks, even sleigh bells, and yes, the traditional bird seed. But golly! I've never been pelted this hard! OUCH! When I came home to put my pj's on, bird seed feel out of clothes and socks and bras! I can only imagine what they got hit with!

Thanks, you two! It was a wonderful celebration and you were so much fun! Congratulations! You can view more of their images HERE with the rest ready soon!

The Wedding Party

Bride's Parents: Glen and Sherri Brosch
Groom's Parents: Larry and Glenda

Sara Stricklin
Ashley Angle
Natalie Leoyard
Deann Funderburk
Christi Brosch
Cheyenne Edwards

Cody Burns
Cody Coltharp
Jason Traweek
Jason Duncan
Kevin Meador
Steven Brosch
Zach Dicken
Doug Hopkins

Makayla Funderburk
Kodi Edwards