brittany + jordan

WARNING: Image OVERLOAD! I wonder how many is too many? A sneak peek can have 400 images, right? Right?

Oh, my gosh. Vegas has my mind thinking and trying out things I've never thought of before! And it's paying off in the best way! My work. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think, but I'm loving my most recent engagement session!

Mett Jordan and Brittany. They are two love bugs who are cute, fun and most of all, IN LOVE! I had the best time with them on Saturday evening, chasing the light. We found a donkey, some cool new places, and even a Constibal. Yep. We were deliquents and didn't even know it.

The trouble these young folk get me into. LOL

Technical info just for "you know who"...

Well, all of these are on manual mode, mostly with my 16-35 2.8. I just got her back from Canon after totally destroying her at a wedding. I usually keep 2 bodies on me during weddings and she banged one two many times against the other body.

I kept the iso low if I could. Wanted a good file to work with. I tend to underexpose more than over. With the 5d you have the priveledge of room to play. I love this camera!