a word about the [b]

I first heard of Becker through the DWF. (Digital Wedding Forum) And I listened to him, liked his work, but didn't really "know" him. Then in 2005, he gave a seminar at the first DWF. I didn't like him. He was all about image, branding, etc. and "slickness", and even though I loved his Billy Idol slide show, "SCREAMING hot sexy wedding photos" in my face, I just didn't warm up to the dude. His Southern California cockiness rubbed me the ultra wrong way, and he always had chicks on his arm, working for him like a "harem" of sorts.

It wasn't what I was about or what my business and photography style was about. I mean, come on! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm the furtherest thing from the "kewl" chick. I like to think I am and even have very cool dreams sometimes, that I am, but I'm a total goof ball nut, wanna be cool chick. (which someone makes me cool to my clients, go figure?)

So, after DWF 2005, I kept an eye on the [b]ecker and even read his blog faithfully because let's face it, the dude can take some pretty pictures. But in reading his blog, I got to know the guy behind the slick, smarmy image I had of him in 2005. He was a nice guy. I was totally wrong about him. He loved his family, his music, his "man bag" and anything Apple. (I swear they should pay him for the publicity he does for them.)

He's a nice guy. He really is.

He likes U2, and having fun, hates going to the gym, loves his nephew, enjoys poker and plays very well, (so I've heard) and loves to have fun at weddings.

He's a people person.

Oh, and DVR and movies, etc.

Hey, we have a few things in common.

So, when I was in Vegas this year, and saw him strutting up the sidewalk with that HUGE people grin on his face, what do I do? Become a total [b] fan and ask for a [b]ecker sand which. Yep.

Got me one.


AND then checked his blog daily to see if we showed up. We did.

But take a look at his and then mine. Man, he had to Photoshop the fire out of Me and Stephanie to make us "blog worthy". Golly! Now I'm feeling a bit goofy again. Oh, well...kewlness can always be lost.


Click HERE to see his new blog. It just launched today.